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County Executive Joe Parisi

The 2020 Budget

“New Decade, Continued Commitment to Our People and Places”

A Message from Joe Parisi:

My 2020 budget aims to reflect the values of Dane County residents.

We continue our focus on the barriers to opportunity and challenges facing some of those who call this community home. We build upon successes while exploring new opportunities to make a substantive difference for individuals and their families. Financial resources are committed to efforts with tangible outcomes where dollars invested in real work leads to real results.

Additionally, we continue our leadership at protecting the place we call home—the lands and waters that mark the uniqueness of being both the fastest growing county in Wisconsin while maintaining an unrivaled focus on conservation and water quality. Paired together, our continued commitment to people and the places they inhabit, work, and recreate inform the priorities reflected in this budget.

This is an incredible community. The 2020 Dane County budget reflects our excellence while recognizing our opportunities to do just a bit better. Much has changed since the last turning of a new decade. We start this next one in a place of better financial resiliency with a reserve fund more than $50 million higher than it was 10 years ago. We've laid a strong foundation as we navigate into 2020 and beyond.


Joe Parisi Signature

Dane County Executive

Budget by the Numbers

County Executive Parisi’s 2020 operating budget totals nearly $592 million and the capital budget totals over $61.8 million dollars. Dane County’s reserve fund is projected to hit $43 million at the end of the year. It has been built up from zero when Parisi took office, improving the county’s financial standing for the future. A safety net the community needs given continued uncertainty from Washington D.C. The county’s 2020 budget increases the operating portion of the county levy by 3.9%, about $21.85 on the average home, which is valued at $300,967 this year.

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