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Dane County, City of Madison Leaders Look to Re-Name Home of Local Governments in Honor of Former President Barack Obama

June 15, 2017
Josh Wescott 608-266-9069
County Executive

            County, City Introducing Measures to Create the “President Barack Obama City-County Building”


Dane County and City of Madison leaders are teaming together to re-name what’s commonly referred to as “the City-County Building” after America’s 44th President Barack Obama.  County Board and City of Madison City Council resolutions creating the designation were announced at a press conference today on the steps of the City-County Building.


“This building has stood for decades, not just as the home of local government offices, but also as a symbol for the values we as a community hold so dear,” County Executive Joe Parisi said.  “Former President Obama was a champion for the very same values we advocate for daily; social justice, equality, fairness, and opportunity. That’s why it’s logical this building be named in honor of a President who did so much for this community and country,” Parisi said.


The resolutions call for a plaque to be raised outside the City-County Building (CCB), highlighting the new name, a visual reminder for visitors of the CCB for many decades to come.  The City-County Building opened in 1956.


"Naming this building after President Obama is a way to celebrate his visit to the building - the only President we know to have done so - as well as to celebrate his successful 8 years as President of the United States," County Board Supervisor Al Matano said.


“Barack Obama's presidency marked a vital step towards the fulfillment of this nation's promise of equality and liberty and justice for all,” Madison City Council Vice President Samba Baldeh said.  “In renaming the seat of our city and county government, we express our commitment to a community in which every person can realize their potential.”


The Dane County Board resolution calling for creation of the President Barack Obama City County Building will be introduced at this evening’s County Board meeting.  A City of Madison City Council resolution calling for the same will be introduced next Tuesday evening.  Both measures will be reviewed in the coming weeks with final approval slated for later this summer.


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