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Dane County Executive Parisi Announces 2016 Budget: Blueprint for Opportunity

October 01, 2015
Stephanie Miller, 608-267-8823
County Executive

MADISON- Today, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi introduced his 2016 budget:  A Blueprint for Opportunity.  The budget totals just over $572 million, and comes in about $500,000 under the state imposed levy cap.  This is within the strict cost controls put on Dane County by state law. Dane County’s reserve fund totals $25 million, built up from zero when he took office, improving the county’s financial standing for the future. The County Executive announced a couple of weeks ago the County has re-established its AAA bond rating.  This was done through strict budgeting standards, efficiencies, partnerships and innovation.

“This budget reflects our community’s shared values,” Parisi said. “It  approaches our challenges together as shared responsibilities.  And this is how Dane County will continue to be a leader in innovation - through collaboration.”

“For us in county government, the budget is that annual opportunity to showcase what works well and fine tune areas in need of greater focus,” said Parisi. “It is imperative partnering be our priority.  There is only so much any one entity can effectively do.  I developed my budget for 2016 with a focus on identifying partners that when teamed with the resources of county government could accomplish the greatest amount of good for the people we work for.”


The 2016 county budget is built on preserving what is important to Dane County residents. It includes:

--focus on partnering to increase access to critical services and solve problems

--significant efforts to enhance mental health services for everyone in Dane County

-- continuing to invest in the Access to Opportunity Initiative to break down barriers to success

--a continued focus on protecting our lakes and natural resources

--strong investments in services for children, families, seniors and our community members with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Highlights and new programs are highlighted in the County Executive’s budget memo, including:

  • $15,000 for Vets Ride with Pride

  • $260,000 to create an Office of Equity and Inclusion

  • $25,000 for Planned Parenthood to provide health services

  • $50,000 for Joining Forces for Families Eviction Prevention

  • $25,000 Centro Hispano outreach – partnership

  • $252,000 School Based Mental Health Teams – partnership

  • $82,000 Mobile Community Crisis Mental Health Teams to assist police

  • $72,500 Mental Health Broker

  • $25,000 Mental Health housing position – partnership

  • $62,500 Early Childhood Zones Coordinator/Eviction Prevention - partnership

  • $44,600 Re-Entry Team Coordinator

  • $500,000 Re-Entry Housing

  • $40,000 Family Shelter Expansion – Salvation Army

  • $750,000 Affordable Housing Developments

  • $750,000 Day resource center improvements - renovations

  • $100,000 Homeless Day Shelter operations

  • $30,000 Sirens for low income neighborhoods

  • $144,000 Clean beach treatments

  • $1.4 million Storm water controls

  • $500,000 for Lake Clean-Up Phosphorus Elimination System

  • $1.7 million for Six New Compressed Natural Gas Snowplows

  • $364,000 New Countywide Recycling Stations

  • $500,000 for Zoo Bathrooms, Improvements

  • New Zookeeper, from revenue generated from new Glacier Grille/Arctic Passage

  • $415,000 Solar investment

The budget increases taxes on the average Madison home (valued at nearly $246,000) by $31.84.  County taxes represent about 15% of an individual’s total property tax bill.  The capital budget totals $35.9 million, a $6.4 million decrease from this year’s budget.


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