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County Executive Statement Regarding Assembly Action on AB 750, Pre-empting the Living Wage in Dane County

February 12, 2014
Casey Slaughter Becker, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell, (608) 843-8858
County Executive


Dane County Executive Joe Parisi issued the following statement in response to the Wisconsin State Assembly’s action to quickly move AB 750, prohibiting local governments from enacting a fair living wage and pre-empting the living wage ordinance Dane County has had in effect since 1999. AB 750 was introduced in the assembly on Tuesday and is already receiving a public hearing today.


“In Dane County we’ve had a living wage ordinance for nearly 15 years because we believe everyone who puts in a full day’s work deserves a full paycheck.


“The living wage in Dane County is currently $11.33 an hour and is enough to bring a family of four to the poverty line.


“It’s tough enough to feed a family that wage. If passed, AB 750 would take $3 an hour out of the pockets of those workers immediately, and make their lives even harder.


“It’s important to know that the people who make a living wage aren’t just high school students working a summer job. Many of the people who make a living wage in Dane County are the caregivers for our seniors and people with disabilities.


“These caregivers help the frail elderly and people with disabilities accomplish tasks that you and I take for granted – preparing a meal, dressing ourselves in the morning, or standing up from a chair.  


“The people who take care of our most vulnerable deserve to be able to pay their rent, and feed their families.


“And Dane County deserves the right to help give workers a fair living wage.”


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