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County, City of Fitchburg, Announce Plans to Reconstruct McKee Road/County Highway PD This Summer

March 31, 2014
Casey Slaughter Becker, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 843-8858, or Mayor Shawn Pfaff (608) 628-3275
County Executive


Dane County and the City of Fitchburg have reached a tentative agreement to reconstruct a rough stretch of McKee Road/Highway PD in the City of Fitchburg.  Pending review and approval by the Dane County Board of Supervisors and Fitchburg City Council, work on the more than $3-million project will begin this summer and be complete before next winter.


In addition to replacing McKee Road/Highway PD between Seminole Highway and Fish Hatchery Road, the project will also include a drainage system under the road to move water away – the freezing and thawing of this water has caused heaving of the pavement the past two winters resulting in rough road conditions for motorists.


“By partnering together, Dane County and the City of Fitchburg will deliver a smooth, new road and ensure it’s taken care of the smartest way possible,” County Executive Joe Parisi said.  “Safe roads are a core function of what we do, and that’s why I proposed moving this project up to this summer – motorists couldn’t go another winter with this road in the shape it’s in.”


Dane County and the City of Fitchburg will share in the capital construction costs of the project 50-50.  The agreement calls for the City of Fitchburg to begin snow removal on McKee Road/Highway PD between Verona Road and Fish Hatchery Road starting with the winter of 2016/17. 


The City will take on full maintenance of the road upon completion of the state’s reconstruction of Highway 18/151 – by January 1, 2020.


“I am pleased to reach an agreement with the County to fix CTH PD in 2014.  This demonstrates that collaboration still works for the betterment of the residents we represent.”  Pfaff also applauded the efforts of Alder Pat Stern and County Board Supervisor Jenni Dye for their efforts on this important project that impacts both Fitchburg and Dane County.

The agreement includes a couple of additional potential partnerships between Dane County and the City of Fitchburg – one that could dramatically improve safety for bicyclists crossing McKee Road/Highway PD. 


The City of Fitchburg is seeking a large federal grant to construct a tunnel for where the Badger State Trail intersects with the road.  Should this multi-million federal grant come through, the county and city would split the local cost match so the tunnel could be built.


Fitchburg Alder Patrick Stern was instrumental in helping to negotiate the eventual agreement between the county and city.


“When I reached out to the Executive’s office, I knew that the most important thing was delivering results to constituents,” said Stern.  “We all wanted that, and keeping everyone talking despite any differences is what ended up being the key to coming to a tentative agreement that worked for both Fitchburg and Dane County."


County Supervisor Jenni Dye will introduce the tentative agreement to the County Board.


“This agreement reflects the progress we can make when the county and municipalities work together,” said Dye. “I look forward to working to ensure the proposed agreement is approved by the county board so that we can move forward with this important project.”


Resolutions authorizing the tentative agreement will be introduced at the next meeting of the Dane County Board and Fitchburg Common Council, respectively.


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