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County To Open New Facility to Serve Seniors, Adults with Disabilities and Their Families

April 04, 2012
Casey Slaughter Becker, Office of the County Executive 608.267.8823 or cell, 608.843.8858
County Executive

 ‘Aging and Disability Resource Center’ Will Provide Critical Services,
and Enhance Long Term Care for Vulnerable Citizens in County


Dane County will soon be home to an Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) that will enhance long term care for older adults and adults with disabilities and their families, regardless of income, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today. 


“This new facility will be a one-stop shop for high quality services and programs for our most vulnerable citizens,” said Parisi.  “Developing this ADRC is a priority for the county board and I and a reflection of our continued commitment to making sure our seniors and disabled neighbors and friends have a place to go to have their needs met.  Through outreach, education, and support, the ADRC will offer individuals and their families with the assistance they need to live healthy, independent lives.”


Once opened, the county’s ADRC will provide individuals and their families with information and access to a broad range of community resources available for older adults and people with disabilities. Around 45 new members will be hired to staff the facility - - and the county will be hiring those positions in the weeks ahead.


Services will include outreach to help staff to identify people at risk and connect them to needed services; education that will enable individuals to make informed, cost-effective decisions about long term care; and support to promote health and independence, such as helping young people (age 17 ½ years) with disabilities transition from their school system to adult services.  The services will be provided to individuals regardless of their health condition, long-term needs, or income.


The county anticipates opening its ADRC in October of this year and depending on the outcome of negotiations, will likely be located on the Madison’s north side.  The Area Agency on Aging of Dane County will be co-located with the ADRC as well, further streamlining services for older adults. 


Dane County pursued federal and state funding for the new ADRC and is applying to receive more than $4-million to create it.  The authorization to apply was approved by the Dane County Board and the County Executive last week.


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