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Dane County Secures New Partnership to Keep Job Center Open Despite State Actions

August 09, 2012
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New Collaboration Protects Vital Services for Families Hit by Great Recession


Despite actions by state leaders that threatened to close the Dane County Job Center, a new collaboration will ensure that the successful facility will remain open, and the vital services it provides remain available to struggling families, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today.


A new public/private partnership between the county and Forward Service Corporation will begin in 2013, preserving the county’s effective W-2 program for local families.


“The state presented us with a difficult challenge that could have been devastating,” said Parisi.  “Thankfully, by working collaboratively we found a solution that will keep our Job Center open, and enable the county to provide the same essential services families hit hardest by the Great Recession need right now.”


In May, state leaders quickly advanced changes to who administers the W-2 program, previously run by some county governments since the program was created 15 years ago. 


In response to concerns that the state’s actions would close the Dane County Job Center and impact services for local families, the County Executive led a statewide coalition urging state leaders to work on a compromise that would preserve one-stop services in Dane County and across the state.


The state moved forward, but the County Executive’s administration was able to form a new partnership to ensure that the same quality service and resources that Dane County families can access today will be available for the foreseeable future.


Forward Service Corporation has been awarded the state contract to administer W-2 for Dane County and 10 surrounding counties.  As a result of Dane County’s new partnership with Forward Service Corporation, the Job Center will remain the one-stop-shop it’s been for families on the path back to family-supporting employment.


“We have always valued our excellent working relationship with Forward Service Corporation and are eager to work with them in the future to meet the needs of Dane County’s residents seeking employment and training services and financial assistance.  We are appreciative to them for submitting a successful application that will keep the Job Center open and providing the value services it currently does,” said Lynn Green, Director of Dane County Department of Human Services.


In 2011 the Job Center helped 1,537 Dane County residents enter the Wisconsin Works (W-2) program and find a path to meaningful employment.  Through it’s administration of W-2, the Dane County Job Center also provides immediate, emergency resources to families who find themselves homeless or under threat of homelessness, victims of fire, natural disasters, or energy crisis.  The Job Center provided this assistance to 881 Dane County families in 2011 alone.


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