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County Executive Announces Tentative Agreement with Law Enforcement Supervisors, Brings Savings for Next Year’s Budget

May 31, 2012
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Another partnership with Dane County’s workers will result savings for the 2013 budget following a tentative agreement negotiated with and ratified by the Dane County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Supervisors, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today. 


The agreement was a result of conversations the County Executive’s Administration initiated with the county’s law enforcement unions in January, and is another example of the County Executive’s administration working with employees to address difficult budget challenges handed down by state leaders. 


“State leaders have handed us a historically challenging budget that we will continue to feel the effects of in 2013,” said Parisi.  “Our partnerships with our employees, our willingness to negotiate and work together, have been essential to weathering that storm and protecting vital services for Dane County’s residents.”


The tentative agreement reached with the Law Enforcement Supervisors contains similar provisions negotiated with the county’s other unions, including a gradual phase-in of employee retirement contributions in 2013.  This provision is essentially a salary freeze – the Law Enforcement Supervisors will make the same salary in 2014 that they make today. 


Another negotiated provision reduces the Law Enforcement Supervisors’ uniform allowance and converts the program to a voucher system.  The tentative agreement will amount to savings of over $70,000 for the 2013 county budget.  


“Dane County Sheriff's Office Sergeants and Lieutenants have been contributing to pensions for decades by giving up wage increases in exchange for retirement security,” said Kurt Pierce, President of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office Supervisory Association.


Pierce added that with the passing of Acts 10 and 32 the Association believed it was prudent to enter into this new agreement with Dane County.  “We appreciate the willingness of Dane County to continue to negotiate with our Association,” said Pierce.  “Doing so finds solutions that work for everyone, the Citizens of Dane County, taxpayers and employees.  In this current environment, Dane County and their employees continue to show it's possible to respond in tough economic times by negotiating, without sacrificing values or our shared commitment to quality public services.”


Since the beginning of the year, the County Executive’s administration has successfully negotiated agreements with the county’s AFSCME and SEIU locals, as well as with the county’s attorneys and trades unions that have approached $1.45 million in savings for 2013. Contract conversations will continue in the weeks ahead with the Sheriff’s Deputies union, the remaining county employee union to approve a tentative agreement.  If this unit agrees to similar terms, it would result in a Countywide savings of approximately $2 million.


The Law Enforcement Supervisors union voted to approve ratification of the agreement last week.  A resolution authorizing the County Executive to enter into the agreement will be introduced at the June 7th meeting of the Dane County Board. 


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