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Falk Unveils 2009-13 Capital Improvement Plan

February 05, 2009
County Executive

More Funding for Road Improvements, Extensive Investments in Public Safety Included

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today unveiled the 2009-2013 county capital improvement plan which includes everything from millions in road reconstruction projects to funding necessary to complete construction of a new countywide emergency radio communications network.

The capital improvement plan is issued annually by the county and serves as a five-year vision for big-ticket projects the county is planning to work on in. The new plan includes $136.4 million in capital improvement projects.

"This comprehensive package of projects reflects my continued priorities as County Executive: improving public safety, including better and safer roads, and protecting the high quality of life that keeps so many people coming to Dane County," Falk said.

Included in the plan is the $13.7 million county share for highway and transportation improvement projects that total $57.8 million, including the work that County Executive Falk outlined in a December letter to President Obama regarding the county’s plans to enhance infrastructure and create jobs. In that letter, Falk committed to moving up to this construction season a number of road projects slated to happen over the next five years should federal economic stimulus dollars become available.

"Projects that make it safer and easier for people to get around our county while creating new job opportunities are a real win-win," Falk said.

In addition to the millions for road reconstruction and repaving, Falk also included $1- million in the capital improvement plan to assist with engineering and planning for upgrading the intersection of County Highways M and S.

Supervisors Hesselbein and Melanie Hampton were strong advocates for including funding for that project.

"I am pleased the county is committed to improving the intersection of M and S. This project is extremely important to people who live in my district and to all who live and work on the west side of Madison," Hesselbein said.

The capital improvement plan also includes over $34-million in already announced upgrades set for the Dane County Public Safety Communications Center, including development of a new computer aided dispatch system. The bulk of the funding ($30-million) will be used to construct a first-of-its kind interoperable emergency radio communications network. This new system is the second largest project in Dane County history and will seamlessly link emergency responders and public works officials across the county. Funding for the first phase of construction for this project is included in the 2009 county budget approved by the county board and signed by Falk.

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