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County Executive Parisi, County Board Supervisors, Announce Public Protections After Concealed Carry

June 16, 2011
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Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, joined by Dane County Board Supervisors, announced steps they are taking to ensure the safety and security of county facilities, and those who use them, in the wake of this week’s state legislative action on concealed carry legislation.  The steps include the introduction of a resolution that outlines where concealed weapons will be prohibited in the county.


“Today the County Board and I will take swift action to protect the safety of workers in, and visitors to, county buildings,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.  “Citizens shouldn’t have to worry about hidden guns when they come to pick up a marriage license, go to the zoo, or wait in the airport terminal for a loved one to come home,” said County Executive Parisi.


The resolution outlines the county’s ability to post signage outside of county buildings, such as the City County Building, and on the grounds of special events, like those at the Alliant Energy Center, that would prohibit concealed carry at those county facilities.  Those who attempt to carry a concealed weapon into prohibited areas after being warned not to do so could face legal action.


In addition to the resolution, the County Executive has asked the county’s head of the Department of Administration to begin assessing county facilities and entrances to determine where postings will be placed in order to move forward efficiently on plan implementation.


The announcement took place at the Dane County Regional Airport, one of the county buildings that will require additional safety measures.  Dane County Regional Airport Director Brad Livingston echoed concerns for public safety, and added that, “Without signage to prevent it, concealed carry adds an unpredictable element to security check points that could result in law enforcement action, confusion, and longer wait times for all passengers.”


Chair of Public Protection and Judiciary, Supervisor Paul Rusk, will introduce the resolution at tonight’s scheduled County Board meeting.

“We must make it clear that concealed weapons will not be tolerated or allowed in county facilities,” said Rusk.  “It’s unfortunate that we have to address this topic at all, but we will move quickly to do so.”

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