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Dane County Task Force Holds Last Public Hearing

May 19, 2009
Celia Jackson and Laurie Mlatawou, Co-Chairs, Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System Celia Jackson (608) 266-1623 · Laurie Mlatawou (608) 345-5710 or (608) 255-9455 Colleen Clark-Bernhardt, Office of Equal Opportunity (608) 266-3022
County Executive

Warner Park Community Center is the site for the final listening session

The Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System will hold its last public hearing--designed as a listening session—at the Warner Park Community Center, 1625 Northport Drive, on May 27, 2009.  The Task Force is made up of Dane County citizens working to identify strategies to reduce the racial disparities in Dane County’s criminal justice system, and is staffed by the Dane County Office of Equal Opportunity.  Upon hearing from many residents in the first three hearings, the Task Force hopes to continue to hear from a large, diverse group at Warner Park.

Wisconsin has consistently ranked near the top in the nation in its rate in its disproportionate representation of people of color in the criminal justice system. Dane County’s disparities are among the highest in Wisconsin. Racial disparities occur in the number of arrests, cases charged, sentences and probation and parole revocations.  The task force is made up of individuals from law enforcement, community-based organizations, corrections, and the courts.  The Task Force has heard many of Dane County residents speak about their personal, and occasionally organizational, account of racial disparity.  Each public hearing was highlighted by a high level public interest, comments and involvement. 

The Public Hearings will be a part of the data gathering process the Task Force is currently achieving.  The Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System’s vision is to “recommend evidence-based best practices to eliminate racial disparities in the adult criminal justice system of Dane County”.  Public involvement is critical to this vision.

The public is encouraged to attend the final public hearing--an opportunity to listen, speak and learn about racial disparities in the Dane County Criminal Justice System.  Come share your thoughts and experiences with the Dane County Task Force.

May 27, 2009                5-7 pm              Warner Park Community Center

                                                           1625 Northport Drive, Madison, WI

Spanish translation will be provided.


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