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Dane County Buys Areas Along Gordon Creek for Public Fishing Access

October 09, 2008
Joshua Wescott, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606
County Executive

County Executive Kathleen Falk announced today the purchase of two new public fishing access easements along Gordon Creek in southwest Dane County. The easements stretch about one mile long and are next to several miles of public fishing opportunities downstream in Iowa County. One of the easements includes an additional 445 feet of public access along the German Valley Branch of Gordon Creek. “Whether it’s fishing, hiking, watching wildlife, or just getting some rest and relaxation, I hope families will enjoy these new opportunities to escape into Dane County’s great outdoors,” Falk said. “Offering more streams and natural areas for people to enjoy is something we can do to help those staying close to home given the current economic tough times.” Gordon Creek and the German Valley Branch of Gordon Creek is a new focus area for the County. Dane County’s Streambank Easement Program previously focused on the West Branch of the Sugar River, securing seven easements stretching over four miles of stream. Since 2004 the local chapter of Trout Unlimited, in cooperation with the Dane County Land Conservation Division, restored over five miles of Gordon Creek and the German Valley Branch of Gordon Creek. Several miles of restored waters were added to Gordon Creek in Iowa County this summer through a $250,000 federal grant secured by Trout Unlimited. The local Trout Unlimited Board generously agreed to contribute $2,500 and the group’s state council contributed another $5,000 toward the purchase of the easements on Gordon Creek. These contributions are a result of Trout Unlimited’s selection of the Dane County program as one of three pilot projects designed to encourage cooperation between Trout Unlimited chapters local land trusts, and local government agencies to protect coldwater streams and increase public access by offering financial assistance in the easement process. “Thanks to the good work of groups like Trout Unlimited, we’re opening up some of the best areas for fishing to the public while restoring and protecting these streambanks,” Falk said. The fishing access easements are on private property and extend 33-feet from the bank. The new public fishing areas will be marked with easy to identify blue and white signs located at the bridge along County Highway Z in the town of Perry. The easements are located on Gordon Creek and the German Valley Branch of Gordon Creek owned by Bob Thompson and Bill & Diane Lorenz. Purchase price for the two stream easements is $75, 996. The Dane County Land and Water Legacy Fund and $7,500 donation from Trout Unlimited will cover the purchases. # # #
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