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County Executive, Verona Mayor Reach Agreement for New Library Site, Water Service to Nursing Home

June 25, 2004
Topf Wells, 266-9069
County Executive

Statement of Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk Concerning the Dane County/City of Verona Agreement June 25, 2004 In times of tight budgets and economic uncertainty, citizens expect their local governments to find new ways to work together to reduce costs and improve services. Today, Mayor Volker and I are endorsing an agreement which reaches these two goals with a wonderfully innovative and cooperative agreement between Dane County and the City of Verona. Specifically, the agreement provides that the County will provide the City of Verona with its ideal parcel for its new public library. In return, Dane County will receive safe, reliable, affordable water for our Badger Prairie Nursing Home and for a large shelter within Badger Prairie Park. The County will also receive improved access to the Park. The agreement saves Verona considerable costs in the siting and construction of its new library. The County will receive significant savings, especially in the avoidance of expensive repairs and eventual replacement of its water supply at Badger Prairie. Credit goes to many hard working City and County officials. In addition to thanking Mayor Volker for his leadership and excellent spirit of cooperation, I also want to acknowledge Library Board Member Bob Kasieta for the imagination and determination he brought to this effort and to City Administrator Larry Saeger for his “can-do” spirit and extremely constructive attention to the key details of this agreement. I’m sure the Mayor, Bob, and Larry will want to recognize other great Verona staff for their work. For the County, I gratefully acknowledge former County Board Supervisor Penny Rollins for the key push she gave to this project at several junctures. I look forward to working with Supervisor Mike Willett to have this agreement introduced to and passed by the County Board in record time. Bonnie Hammersley, our Director of Administration, Jack Nelson, Director of Badger Prairie Nursing Home, and Darren Marsh, Parks Director, did a great job of working with one another and Verona staff to make this day possible. Thank you again, Mayor Volker. Let’s find some more ways to save money and improve services -- that’s a great combination! # # # (Please call the County Executive's Office at 266-4114 for a copy of the agreement.)
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