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Update on Algae Testing on Dane County Lakes 4:30 p.m. June 9, 2004

June 09, 2004
Sharyn Wisniewski, (608) 267-8823 / 712-1950 Gareth Johnson (608) 242-6511 / 850-5165
County Executive

· The Dane County Division of Public Health today collected water samples at six beaches and submitted them to the State Lab of Hygiene for testing to determine if blue-green algae, capable of producing dangerous toxins, were present. Samples were collected at: Governor Nelson State Park beach, Goodland Park beach in McFarland, Mandt Park beach in Stoughton, Maple Bluff beach, Lake Mendota County Park and the City of Verona beach. · Dane County Public Health officials will be meeting tomorrow with the State Department of Natural Resources, the State Division of Public Health and the State Lab of Hygiene to discuss testing needs and other possible actions which may be needed to address concerns about the presence of blue-green algaes and possible toxins in Dane County Lakes. · Dane County Public Health is awaiting further results from the State Lab of Hygiene on water samples collected by the DNR from Lake Kegonsa and a private pond near Lake Kegonsa yesterday. Initial results indicated high levels of two species of blue-green algae, which can produce dangerous toxins. Additional results should provide a specific concentration of the algae and may indicate if toxins were present in the water. · The closure of the Lake Kegonsa State Park beach, which was ordered last night by Dane County Public Health, remains in effect as a precautionary measure. · No other beaches have been closed at this time. · Public health precautions outlined earlier remain in effect, ie. Avoid swimming in waters where algae is present, avoid swallowing water where algae is present, rinse off thoroughly if exposed to water with algae and seek medical or veterinary attention if a person or animal has come in contact with algae infested waters and are experiencing any negative health conditions. · Local media reports today indicating that a blue-green algae known as Cylindro was found in the samples taken yesterday are incorrect. Cylindro was not found in any of the samples. # # #
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