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Groundbreaking in Town of Windsor to Increase Public Safety Services at Northeast Precinct

May 07, 2004
Windsor Town Clerk Cheryl Theis or Business Manager Kelly Frawley 846-3854 Sharyn Wisniewski, Dane County Executive’s Office, 267-8823 Gary H. Hamblin, Dane County Sheriff, 284-6170
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Dane County Sheriff Gary Hamblin and Windsor Town Chair Alan Harvey are among the officials breaking ground today for the expansion of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office’s Northeast Precinct. The expansion to the Windsor Town Hall was made possible through a 20-year lease agreement negotiated between the Town of Windsor and Dane County. The media is invited to attend today’s ceremony at 4:30 p.m. at the Windsor Town Hall, 4084 Mueller Road. The Dane County Sheriff’s Department’s Northeast Precinct currently occupies 2,500 sq. ft. of space within the Windsor Town Hall. The building expansion plan will add 5,000 sq. ft. to the northwest corner of the existing Windsor Town Hall and will house up to 32 full-time sworn and civilian personnel. The number of parking spaces also expands from 12 to 20. Completion is expected in November. At that time, the contract provides for lease payments of $50,800 per year for 20 years, until 2004. “I put the money for this expansion in the county budget to further improve public safety services in the northeast part of the county,” said Falk. “At the same time, it is cost-efficient both for the county and the Town of Windsor.” “We’re very excited about the long-term and increased presence of the Northeast Precinct within our community. The Town of Windsor and Dane County Sheriff Department has a long history of cooperation even before the Northeast Precinct located in our municipal building in 1993,” said Windsor Town Chair Alan Harvey. “Expansion of the Northeast Precinct is a necessary step in allowing the Dane County Sheriff's Office to continue to provide the level of public safety that the citizens of Dane County deserve,” said Sheriff Hamblin. Thirteen gold-colored shovels adorned with yellow ribbons in support of US military and blue ribbons in support of fallen public safety officers will be used by County Executive Falk, Sheriff Hamblin, Windsor Town Chair Alan Harvey, Dane County District 22 Supervisor Dennis O’Loughlin, and local elected and appointed officials within the Northeast Precinct service area to help mark the construction of the precinct, which is scheduled for completion in fall 2004. “The expansion of the Northeast Precinct will unite multiple disciplines within the Dane County Sheriff Department and offer residents within the service area a broader range of public safety services,” Dane County District 22 Supervisor Dennis O’Loughlin said. "The expansion is a great benefit to the Town of Windsor and the Village of DeForest. Area residents are fortunate to have the presence of the Wisconsin State Patrol, Dane County Sheriff Department and Village of DeForest Police Department within such a close proximity," said Village of DeForest President Jeff Miller. The Northeast Precinct serves the towns of Windsor, Burke, Sun Prairie, Bristol, Medina and York, the villages of De Forest and Marshall, and the city of Sun Prairie. The Sheriff’s Office has had a presence in the Town Hall since 1993. # # #
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