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Dane County Executive Falk flips the switch to generate electricity from county landfill gas for another 1000 Dane County homes per year

April 09, 2004
Sharyn Wisniewski, 267-8823
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today flipped the switch turning on a new generator to convert landfill gas to electricity at the Dane County landfill on US 12. In the last few years, two generators were installed at the landfill to handle the methane production by converting it to electricity. These units generate enough electricity to power 2000 homes per year (1600 kW) and provide gross revenue for Dane County annually of over $500,000. The 3rd unit that is starting up today will provide an additional $250,000 in revenue and another 800 kW which is estimated to power an additional 1000 homes. An additional 4th generator will be added later this year to further increase the County's ability to beneficially re-use the landfill gas at the site. The 4th generator will be larger than the first three and is anticipated to produce enough power for an additional 2000 homes. Falk said, “This is the Brewers home opening day. But we have our own triple play right here at the County Landfill today. First, we convert methane from the landfill to electricity to power 1,000 homes. Second, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by producing power from a renewable source of energy. And third, we will bring in over $750,000 per year--that’s a homerun for taxpayers.” Jerry Mandli, interim commissioner of highways, transportation and public works, said, “Our dedicated landfill staff have made this project work with online times in the 95% range. This is much higher than what was anticipated in the initial project economics.” # # #
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