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County Executive Falk Supports Dane County Farmers Market's Request for Winter Market in the Monona Terrace Convention & Community Center

May 16, 2002
Topf Wells, 266-9069
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk has sent the following letter to all members of the Monona Terrace Convention & Community Center Board. In it, she asks the board to resolve Monona Terrace staff concerns and work creatively with the Market to reach a solution. May 14, 2002 «Name» «Business» «Address» «Citystatezip» Dear «Salu»: I respectfully ask that you support the Dane County Farmer’s Market’s request for scheduling its 2002-03 Winter Market in the Monona Terrace Convention & Community Center. I understand that Monona Terrace staff and representatives of the Market are in substantial agreement that many of their dates can be scheduled in the Exhibition Hall. However, nine market days remain in question. My sense is that the Market has determined that Monona Terrace is the best possible location for the Winter Market and is willing to work with the staff to have the market almost anywhere within the facility and to meet any reasonable requirement designed to minimize damage to the facility or reduce inconvenience for staff or other users of the facility. The Market is an extraordinarily cherished and important Dane County institution. Economically, it is an important source for healthy, nutritious food for its customers and a source of income for its producers. Socially and culturally, the Market has become a highly visible, effective, and enjoyable connection between Dane County’s urban and farm communities. It symbolizes much of what people love about living here. Monona Terrace, as you are well aware, does not exist solely as a convention and conference center but as a community center. The design and location of the building symbolized an effort to tie together some of the most important human and natural elements of our community. Establishing a partnership with the Dane County’s Farmer’s Market would be a wonderful step forward for Monona Terrace as a community center for all Dane County’s communities. That opportunity should be worthwhile for Monona Terrace, especially in light of the $12 million Dane County contributed to its construction. In considering the Market’s request, Monona Terrace staff has concerns about carpeting, scheduling conflicts, and other issues. While these might be problems, given the willingness of the Market to work creatively and constructively with staff, they can be solved. Thank you for your consideration of this request. Sincerely, Kathleen M. Falk Dane County Executive
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