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Dane County Executive, Board Supervisors Take Steps to Establish Chronic Wasting Disease Task Force

May 08, 2002
Supervisor Brett Hulsey, 608-334-4994 Topf Wells, 608-266-9069
County Executive

Madison, Wisconsin -- With the strong support of Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, County Board Chair Kevin Kesterson, Supervisors Brett Hulsey and others today announced they would introduce a resolution to set up a Chronic Wasting Disease Task Force. The task force would work with local governments, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, the state legislature, hunters and farmers to address the disease found in 14 deer in western Dane County. "I have two goals--to protect public health and to protect our deer herd," said Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk. “As a hunter myself, I know how difficult this issue is. This Task Force will allow vital coordination with the DNR and other agencies to responsibly control this disease and keep it from spreading through our deer herd.” The task force would bring together staff and elected officials from the Dane County Division of Health, Land Conservation, and other agencies. It would coordinate Dane County’s response to the CWD crisis not only within county government but also with county officials from other affected counties, as well as local leaders from conservation groups, farmers, and state agencies. "There is a role for local government in this crisis and we must take necessary steps to ensure the county stays ahead of this issue," said County Board Chair Kevin Kesterson. The resolution was drafted by County Supervisor Brett Hulsey, District 4 in west Madison. This follows up on a letter signed by 32 county supervisors last week to state leaders, and a meeting of county staff and state officials last week. "We have some tough choices to make and this task force should help us come together and make progress to contain this tragic disease," Hulsey said. "As a sportsman, I know this is a tough time for everyone. We have to do our part to keep this disease from spreading." "I applaud Dane County for working with local citizens and the DNR to contain this disease," said Don Hammes, long-time local conservationist. "This is hard for us all, but I hope this task force can help answer many questions county residents have." The resolution will be considered by the Executive Committee Thursday night. For a copy of the resolution, call 266-4533. END
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