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Dane County Officials Urge Caution During Extreme Heat

June 14, 2022
J. McLellan, (608) 267-2542
County Executive

Dane County is under a heat advisory until 8pm tomorrow. This excessive heat comes less than 24 hours after severe thunderstorms rolled through the Dane County area and caused damage.

Dane County, in partnership with Madison College and the American Red Cross, has opened two cooling centers:

Cooling Center #1: is hosted by Madison College, located at 1701 Wright Street. It will be open until 5pm today and is being staffed by the American Red Cross. Pets in kennels/carriers are allowed.

Cooling Center #2: is hosted by Dane County, located at the Dane County Coliseum. It will be open until 5pm today. Those accessing the cooling center are encouraged to enter through the west lobby of the Coliseum (by the large globe). Pets are allowed.

Madison Metro will provide free rides to and from either of the cooling centers. Pets in carriers are allowed on Madison Metro buses.

Due to the excessive heat, roads will be susceptible to buckling. Be alert, as conditions may change rapidly. Extremely high or unusually hot temperatures coupled with high humidity can also have some serious effects on your health, such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Here are some important precautions you should take to avoid serious health consequences related to this extreme heat:

Stay Cool: stay in air-conditioned buildings, limit outdoor activity, never sit in a parked car or leave a child or pet in a parked car.

Stay Hydrated: drink more water than usual and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink.

Stay Connected: check your local news for extreme heat warnings and safety tips, regularly check on friends, loved-ones, and neighbors throughout the week.

Signs of heat illness include feeling weak, dizzy, nauseated, or muscle cramps. If someone is experiencing these symptoms, move to air conditioning right away, drink water, get under a fan, and apply cool washcloths. If symptoms worsen or don’t improve, they should go to the emergency room.

MGE reminds everyone to stay clear of damaged areas and never approach a downed power line or anything that comes in contact with it. Always assume a power line is energized and extremely dangerous and stay away. If you see a downed line, please notify MGE immediately by calling (608) 252-7111. Visit their safety page at to learn more.

We encourage customers to check MGE's outage map for updates on restoration as the day progresses. Visit MGE also reminds customers to check on neighbors, friends and family who may need assistance during this period.

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