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Dane County Investing in New Snowplow Technology to Clear Roads Quicker

November 26, 2019
Ariana Vruwink, 608-267-8823
County Executive

Today, County Executive Joe Parisi joined Dane County Highway Commissioner Jerry Mandli and staff from the Department of Public Works, Highway, and Transportation to showcase new snowplow technology coming to the East District Campus Highway Garage. County Executive Parisi is including $2 million in his 2020 budget to purchase four tow plows and heavy duty quad-axle trucks. The new equipment will be available to Dane County crews beginning next winter.

“It takes teamwork and coordination on behalf of our snowplow drivers to help maintain public safety on our roads all winter long,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “My 2020 budget includes the investments we need to keep pace with our growing infrastructure and clear our roads of ice and snow during major winter weather events.”

Tow plows are a relatively new line of equipment, being used in only a handful of locations across the state. These tow plows allow one truck to clear two lanes of highway at the same time in a single pass. The technology will improve Dane County’s ability to keep traffic moving on the Beltline and Interstate during winter weather events.

The growth of Dane County’s population has resulted in more multi-lane highways. The pending completion of the Verona Road expansion project, ongoing work to widen the Interstate, and potential use of shoulders on the Beltline during peak travel times adds to the complexity of keeping roads safe in ice and snow. Dane County hopes to use its tow plows to help clear these areas during next year’s winter weather.

Given more lane miles are being added to the county system with projects like Highway M on the west side of Madison and Verona, County Executive Parisi is also including $1.4 million to buy four more tri-axle highway trucks to help clear the roads.

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